The Woman Fencer

desf“There exist reasons, such as reasons for why the sun unveils itself above the horizon each time it is sent away by the sight of the Moon.” he said. Freya loved his stories and how soulfully he would narrate them to her. His name was Aegeus, meaning protector. He was a swordsmith and spent 13 years of his youth serving under the armored facility of the Kingsguard., yet still treated by them as a slave. He believed that the Sun shines each day and illuminates the Earth because it is commanded to do so by the 7 Goddesses who are pure of the 7 cardinal sins. He believed that each of the Goddesses was tested and each emerged victorious under the atrocities of the trial regarding their respective capital vice. Freya found volume and heaviness in his words but conflict in her soul. She stared in a distance as he spoke and her eyes met with heated swords taking a beating. It had been 2 years since she was captured by the Kingsguard when they laid siege on the enemy’s keep. Under Aegeus’s supervision, she trained her ability and body to wield and fight with a sword. All she ever wanted was to be the finest of the women who fight. So did her father. Aegeus also trained her because their Kingsguard captors could never be trusted. Her job in the  armored facility comprised of Iron and steel lifting and at the end of the day her hands resembled that of a gold digger. Which eventually worsened when she was ordered to carry heated metals, but a girl with a build like hers could live through it. At least that was what she told Aegeus everyday when she went to see her. One day Freya came running into his chamber and sobbed: “YOU ARE MY ESCAPE. From the beatings I take everyday before work by the captors and how many adversities I face. When I talk to you, I feel better; like you’re my escape. But they won’t let me talk to you anymore.” Aegeus was calm, even when this was the first time he ever saw a brave girl such as Freya in such a precarious and fragile state. “We’re going to run away today. When the bell sounds 3 beats at midnight, meet me by the waterstone area. I was born to be a blade smith, and I will die as one. There lies no chance in seven hells that I die a slave!” said Aegeus, fearlessly as he stood and the cloth of the Palestinian keffiyeh on his head, blew over his face. Later that night, Freya came to the waterstone stockroom and found him. They fled when the door watchers slept. and in the midst of the darkness of the night, when the desert loo blew against them, he held his wrist in front of her showing her his birthmark. She gasped and said: “I have a same one! Right here!” His eyes gained sparkle, but that sparkle soon gathered into tears for he knew what might come next. In that moment, Freya’s heart skipped a beat. “It’s you.” she said. “You’re my father…” She wept and wept and yelled “Is this why you sent me away? for a true swordswoman can only train to kill without mercy when she is away into the dark world no one as an ally? not even her own father!” He hugged her tight till she could breathe in the truth all over again. 10  years later, Freya Stoneheart, wife to Barius Stoneheart; the only skilled and trained samurai swordsman in the continent, was known to be the most renowned woman fencer of all time. She killed many enemies and disobedient subjects of the law, including the notorious Emperor Hirohito.


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