Micheal Robotham’s “Shatter”

RATING: 5/5 stars

GENRE: Crime, Suspense and Thriller.

REVIEW:  I had the opportunity of going to a book fair that had under-the-hood and local American and Austrailian writings on sale. I went on fingers crossed and took a leap with Micheal Robotham. This was my first ever crime investigation novel and boy, was it so very good. The story revolves around two men, both at the extensive limits of the human genius. One using his mental strength to code and dissimulate things, the other using his to decipher them. Clinical psychologist Joseph O’Loughlin finds himself stepping into a puddle of quicksand when he is taken to talk down a woman out of suicide. The woman is perched on the edge of the Suspension Bridge, naked, weeping into a phone. It seems, the voice in the phone is the only audible sound that she could discern at the moment, and listening to it, she jumps. Joe O’Loughlin is shocked and now has taken the research of this case in his own hands only to find out that the man on her phone is a misogynist, sexual sadist and a psychotic tormentor. It’s a gripping read, that has the reader on the edge of his seat feeling like he’s part of the entire aura of the book. It has augmented amounts of suspense. Surely, it is a merger of thrill, fear of the unknown and psychological war. It is the best novel that I have read so far.


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