Untold Secrets

Waking up to a glaring beam of radiant light that projected from the disjoint curtain of his window, he heard his mother yelling: “Get up, Mustafa. Your uncle has dropped in for lunch.” Honestly; Mustafa was exasperated over the fact that he had to leave his comfortable bed and converse with a man, namely his Uncle about business relations and all the boring stuff. When he went out, it was Uncle Sherdil. After a mild discussion with him, Mustafa came to know about his astounding success in the field of Real Estate that was the first this family had ever seen. He was a man living a merry life with his wife and three children. A life every man dreams of, with money, love and luxury. He departed after lunch. Now was the time when a series of unknown events were disclosed to young Mustafa. How his mother told him that behind the dazzling and pompous smile of Uncle Sherdil, lies an untold secret of one of the darkest hours of their family’s history. Long ago, almost 20-25 years; when Sherdil a boy floating in the skies of youth. He and Sharmin, his first cousin were head over heels in love. She was pretty and her skin had a natural glow that God had gifted her. They intended to get married but on a series of unwanted actions did the Sharmin’s family tie her in the knot of betrothal to a person she would never have thought of getting married to. She had such courage and bravery that she fearlessly heralded to her family that she would end her life if she ever got married to her unwanted fiance. Sherdil loved her but never fought for her or cleared his position in front of her family to terminate her enforced engagement. She was devastated. Even her fiance knew the fact that she had given her heart to another man and she can never be his, completely. One day, her fiance came over to her house for dinner. Sharmin cooked a luxurious meal for everyone and served it all on the table. After they all had eaten up to their appetites, the power went out. She was sitting in the kitchen with a lantern kept near her, starving. But she never knew the fact that somebody far away was watching her with the hungry gaze of a viscous monster through the window. As the wicks of the lantern burned, it illuminated her face. She used her fragile fingers to construct a bite of grub for herself and as soon as she placed it in her mouth for mastication; A bullet with an impulsive and air-tearing motion pierced her in her throat before she could even swallow. The killer was now on the loose and it was none other than her fiance. She died at the spot and her corpse was taken by the Police for a forensic autopsy usually called a post mortem. The doctors then pulled out her grub bite out of her mouth. Sherdil rushed to the hospital and saw her corpse disrespectfully dashed on the floor with a brick kept under her head for support. He took her head and placed it in her lap. Her parents didn’t even take a legal action against her fiance who physically fled from the moment of impact just because they might be ‘disrespected’ in society. She gave her life for a man who now lives his life in oblivion of an incident that ever took place. Or maybe he hides it behind his smile of worthy credence. To this Mustafa commented: ”Mother, I want to be an activist  for Women’s rights in primitive tribes.” and to that his mother replied: “Dear Son, It’s not about social work but being humane. And after every hurricane that spreads it’s catastrophe, comes a replenishing rainbow.” The above extract is inspired by true events.


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