“Fall” by Anonymous.


She had herself chained to the unanimous flow of the world. Her eyes, reckless, hopeless and yet, thoughtless, gazed the least glimpse of the string of love. Deceived by every sun that rose up her days, she thought of herself. What she was, and she had been doing. Wiping of the perspiration of her forehead, she laid down to prostration. She cried of her sadness to make a river of the tears. Yet, supported. In the midst of her betrayers, she noticed her radar, blinking and beeping a beacon of hope in the range. The chance was seized and the smoke of her heart, somehow, condensed. Featured by compassion, support and optimism, she climbed up the staircase to success. Keeping the rule of not hurting nobody, she got hurt a million times. Yet, rose up after every fall like a star in the dark night. The sluggish regret, was like always drained. Stipulating every  move of the opponent, she WON.

In the end, the joy, the ecstasy of her falls, pulled her up at every fall. She owned the glory of success, with hope, dignity and steadfastness. The key to her success, was failure, a mandatory part.


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