A Touch of Destiny


Having been sailed on the turbulent seas of the Arctic regions, The Buccaneer’s Serpent was the only ship amongst a fleet of ten more to do so. The next ocean where her compass needle pointed was the ungovernable Red Sea. She was the most gallant vessel of her kind. Captain Argon Gibbs was the former revolutionary war patriot who stole her from the possession of Commodore Seavey. He had a soul deep relation with the Serpent. Gibbs started off in this way after being a legendary militia for Great Britain. It was the treachery The Royal American Navy had done in confiscating his property and lands that compelled him to be a buccaneer. His blood was now wicked and it was something so viscous that it reached the point where they call it “The Pirate’s Blood” which only existed in myths. His sole purpose in life now was sailing to the Red Sea on the serpent and raiding the banks of East India to revoke the American loot there and go Anti to the King’s order and monarchy. His rough ties with them were now deep and obvious. One morning when the tides were pacified and the fish was ripe, Gibbs had a set plan to overpower the East India Trading Company. In close vicinity to the Indian ocean he saw a fading image of a vessel nearby. He was flushed with anger because he didn’t want his ultimate plan to fail at this very second. Such rage that he took out his sword and started attacking the mast of the serpent. In this state of confusion, he heard a voice from above saying: ‘The mast is not a worthy opponent, young Gibbs.’ As he looked up the starboard, It was Commodore Seavey. One legged, One eyed and prominent. He said: ‘What I want is not possible without this ship and what you want is not possible without me. Savvy?’ Gibbs knew what this was. He got lured into the persuasive words of the wise Commodore and they both teamed up their ships to form an enforced fleet against the Americans. Seavey wanted ownership of the Trading Company and he needed more men. They reached the banks of East India where they waited for the Americans like thirsty hounds. Bombs went away as soon as they saw a hint of vessels on the horizon of their binoculars. They suppressed the Americans valiantly. And in this situation of fighting till the last breath for oneself, did the Commodore avenge the raid on the serpent by piercing his 100 men hammered blade through the beating heart of Gibbs. The blade that came out of its leather scabbard once in a blue moon.


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