National Irony


Born to and raised by Semi-Pakistani parents, Ahmad Melchizedek lived a serene life in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. On an abrupt change of events did the family decide to move to their native motherland, Pakistan. What he didn’t understand was the perception of ‘Irony’ the 21st century had. He never knew what this word meant. What Irony really means is that A situation that is quite different from what is expected or something that is quite different from reality. When he landed on the Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad. His life of observation began. Since that day, the frame of reference through which he saw things became different. His frame of reference was Pakistan now. Of course, he didn’t fit in and he had no plans to, either. For years, he saw speeding cars on the road with different messages imprinted on their windshields. He never understood the life less logic behind them. It was so peculiar to Ahmad that a man from the lower middle class, with a distorted wreck he called a car; was on the same road as a Mercedes Benz. What Ahmad found hollow was the fact that a Mehran’s back said: ‘Ye sab meri Maa ki Dua hay’ and at the same time he saw “SELF MADE” written on the Mercedes. He pondered and pondered that a man with so little to celebrate and so less to cherish about exalted his Mother by thanking her for her prayers. On the other hand he saw a narcissist who heralds to the world that all he has achieved is by his own moral self and no one else. Not even Allah, not even his mother. At this moment he understood what Irony is. Irony is when he saw a woman mercilessly warding off a beggar by abusing him but then going to a mosque to pay her Zaka’h. Irony is when he saw large masses of people voting for a leader and then cursing him after he comes in power. When rustic children in tattered clothes eat “Rayt wali Challi” and at the same time children of a Bureaucrat eat Corn in a cup. When a politician becomes an Angel for votes and then peels off his fake mask like an orange, after the Elections. When people in rags smile at lame jokes of their own and enjoy life but the Elites don’t even enjoy it with an 80,000/- Rupee phone in their hands. This is National Irony. An imminent identity crisis. This was the verge of an incisive deduction where Ahmad came to know that Pakistan is beautiful. Pakistanis make it ugly.


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